Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Nancy & Lee - Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood

Here's my rendition of Nancy and Lee done with Pitt pens and watercolour paint

For my fellow bloggers and music-heads that I met for a beer Tuesday night, here is the track listing for the CD I gave out containing a selection of songs I have heard for the first time this year. Could Piley or Mondo circulate a link to this via email to those who might not get the details from here.
1. A Go Go - The Rumblers
2. Debris - Reigning Sound
3. Belly of the Beast - Thomas Function
4. Are Friends Electric? - The Dead Weather
5. Love You So - King Khan & BBQ Show
6. Big Bug Asshole - The Jooks Of Kent
7. Misty Water - Buff Medways
8. Mother Mary - Foxboro Hot Tubs
9. Gamma Ray (Beck cover) - Jay Reatard
10. Drugs - The Black Lips
11. He Fought The Law - She Trinity
12. L. Mansion - Sic Alps
13. Today, Tomorrow And Forever - Pete Molinari
14. I Don't Like The Man I Am - Billy Childish And The Singing Loins 15:40
15. Juicy - Little Red Riders
16. Banker And A Liar - Reigning Sound
17. Around The World - The Death Set
18. Fried Onions - Pete And Sabrina (Lord Rockingham XI)
19. Victim Of Mass Production - The Cribs
20. East Bay Night - Rancid
21. I Only Think Of You - The Horrors
22. Get Out Of My Kingdom - Two Lone Swordsmen

Any of you chaps who fancy submitting a rendition of a favourite record sleeve here are more than welcome as I would like to get this blog ticking over in a similar vein to A Patchwork of Flesh.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas Podding

My neighbour and fellow blogger Mondo does a regular podcast with his mucker Piley called Podrophenia. For their Xmas broadcast they asked me to join in, choose a couple of festive nuggets and blather on about Christmas related nonsense. If you fancy checking it out for a few Christmas tunes you aren't likely to hear anywhere else this Chrimbo, go here.
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